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Become a successful entrepreneur in Luxury Real Estate and open your luxury real estate agency with BEST LUXURY PROPERTY, the first Italian network specialized in the sale of luxury homes and prestigious properties.


If you have charisma and energy, talent for business and passion for real estate and v uoi a place to Top Player in a housing market crisis-proof as that of luxury real estate BEST LUXURY PROPERTY

affiliation   synonymous with competence and high specialization in the prestigious real estate sector.


As an affiliate, you will benefit from the security that our affiliate business model guarantees you, and you will have at your disposal a series of tools and dedicated assets for the acquisition , evaluation, marketing and marketing of properties in target throughout the national territory and international real estate investments


Affiliated real estate agents can count on our collaboration, experience and advice at all times while maintaining maximum entrepreneurial autonomy.

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Why focus on the luxury real estate market?

If you are looking for a sector with great growth opportunities and that has never suffered from any crisis, the luxury real estate market is what you are looking for!

The numbers are really encouraging, we know them well because they are the same ones that prompted us first to create BEST LUXURY PROPERTY with considerable economic and professional satisfaction and then to transform it into a franchise:

  • + 5% real estate sales in Italy in 2017 * and + 6.5% in 2018 *, despite the decreasing number of buildings

  • + 4% financial wealth of Italians in 2017 ** and + 12% in 2018 **, beyond what the news and politicians say

  • we are the eighth nation in the world for personal wealth **

  • 394,000 fellow millionaires at the moment **, a figure destined to grow and reach 519,000 in 2022 **

* source: Real Estate Market Observatory
** source: The Boston Consulting Group "Global Wealth 2018: Seizing the Analytics Advantage"
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Ten good reasons to AFFILIATE WITH US

"Results-oriented training, effective methodologies, win-win approach: the affiliation we have always dreamed of, we decided to create it."

The Best Luxury Property brand

it has all the energy, freshness and energy that only an innovative brand can offer you.

The long experience in the sector of the founder

consolidated in the field in 35 years of activity in national and international realities of absolute importance.

Specialization in the luxury real estate market

will allow you to operate immediately in a high-profitability sector that is not affected by any crisis

The highly selected clientele

which, thanks to its high economic availability, is more attentive to the quality of service than to savings, often does not require a loan and usually does not ask for discounts.

We share our experience with you

to build together your portfolio of highly selected clients and high standing properties in Italy and abroad, assisting you in starting up your real estate agency

A specialized and highly productive method

with the use of specific tools to allow you to acquire and sell target properties optimizing your time and resources.

The specific training of the sector

for you and your collaborators to make you immediately able to acquire clients and prestigious real estate properties by managing transactions with maximum effectiveness.

The Best Luxury Property Code of Ethics

to regulate the activity of the real estate agent inspired by solid moral and professional principles aimed at offering a correct service, avoiding all those activities that violate the principles of loyalty, fidelity and diligence.

Advanced Marketing Tools

to ensure maximum visibility for your affiliated real estate agency:

from the website indexed to the presence in the main sector portals, from the advertising campaigns dedicated to their SEM and social developments.

Constant support from the parent company

with which we guarantee you advice, safety and legal assistance while leaving you maximum operational autonomy.

Stand out from the competition


Specialized in prestigious properties, by joining the BEST LUXURY PROPERTY franchise

To find out about the benefits of the BEST LUXURY PROPERTY network and receive information on opening your franchise business, contact us at:

0331 - 724600

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6 Steps to Become a Top Player in the High-End Market

"Our goal is to create an ethical and sustainable, highly qualifying business that makes the entrepreneur the master of his time."

  1. Our idea of entrepreneurship: the entrepreneur can no longer be at the service of the company, it is the company that must be at your service

  2. Scalability: once the business has started, the entrepreneur can check the trend in a few hours a week and intervene as needed, in this way you can manage multiple stores

  3. Time: thanks to the methodologies transmitted, the entrepreneur can multiply his time, reduce unnecessary energy losses, optimize results

  4. Pareto principle (law of 80/20): in our sector, as in many others, 20% of customers provide 80% of turnover, 20% of what you do produces 80% of your results, 80% of the effort produces only 20% of the results; being aware of all this helps to optimize time and energy

  5. Business procedures: in Best Luxury Property a procedure has been created for each activity and it has been made measurable, so as to be able to intervene quickly and effectively

  6. Planning: to reach a goal first of all it is necessary to define it and plan the steps, this is the only way for us to achieve it

What are you waiting for?

immediately becomes a best luxury property affiliate

"Passion, Professionalism and Prestige ... the perfect franchise for you!"

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